What is the 12 Week Advanced Body Challenge?

The 12 Week Advanced Body Challenge (12WABC) is a fitness and body transformation competition.  Challengers take photos and measurements as part of the registration process.  They then have 12 weeks to improve their health and fitness before the final photos and measurements are taken.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee is $35AUD/20GBP.  The competition is a non profit event and the entry fees go into a prize pool and a donation is made to charity.

Which charity do you support?

The charity for this challenge was chosen from a number of nominations received from our Facebook community.  Without A Ribbon Inc. is a foundation that raises funds for rare cancer support.

What can I expect?

Once you’ve registered as a challenger you will be given access to a private Facebook group.  For the next 12 weeks you will be encouraged to make healthy choices, kick bad habits and stretch outside your comfort zone.

There will be advice on nutrition and exercise as well as monthly challenges and recipes.  In previous years these Facebook groups have developed into a supportive community where the challengers encourage each other, swap recipes and push each other to Best Themselves!

How is my progress monitored?

Part of the 12WABC is to keep a photo journal of your journey.  Every two weeks you will be prompted to take a photo so you can monitor your progress.

Do I have to buy lots of products or supplements?

No! Definitely not!  The 12WABC is all about sustainability and we believe that this can be done through making healthy food and drink choices and taking a smart approach to exercise.

Do I have to join an early morning bootcamp?

Nope!  This challenge is perfect for everyone because it gives you the freedom to be your wonderful unique self.  We have had people achieve amazing results from yoga, bootcamp, swimming, cycling or walking during their lunch break.  It’s all about making lifestyle changes that involve healthy habits.

Can I drink alcohol?

This is a personal preference.  We recommend moderation in all forms and will provide information so that you can make an informed choice.  For example, did you know that a glass of wine can contain the same calories as four cookies?  Or a pint of lager can have the same number of calories as a slice of pizza!  Scary isn’t it?!

Is there a complicated eating plan?

We get that everyone is unique.  There are vegetarians, carnivores, raw advocates and everything in between.  Part of the fun of joining the challenge is sharing advice on different approaches to eating.

There is one “rule”…. You can’t skip breakfast!

Can I keep my personal trainer?

Absolutely!  Tell your trainer that you’re taking part in this challenge and what it’s all about, they may even have some more advice and recommendations to give you that competitive edge!

If you don’t have a trainer, don’t panic!  Previous challengers have got amazing results from just making small changes to their daily routine.  For example, one challenger used to spend her lunch hour walking instead of sitting at her desk eating her lunch.  Small changes can reap huge rewards in the long term.  Remember the secret is sustanability.

How is a winner chosen?

A panel of health and fitness professionals review the photos and measurements and a winner is chosen.

The terms and conditions mention that having a medical condition might affect me, what does this mean?

This is a Fitness and Body Competition.  Over the 12 weeks we will be setting fitness challenges and giving advice about nutrition and general health issues.  If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, IBS, high blood pressure, pregnancy, high cholesterol etc that you are monitoring then you will need to be cautious.

You will need to choose if and how you will make changes so that your medical condition is not adversely affected.  If you have any concerns or questions we recommend that you ask your healthcare practitioner before taking part in this challenge.  We want this to be a positive experience for you!

How do I take my photos?

It’s important that you take good quality photos so we recommend that you use a camera rather than a camera phone.

Wear something that you are comfortable being photographed in. Exercise clothes are perfect and we recommend that you wear a similar outfit for your post photos too.  No shoes.

The photo should be a complete body shot (head to feet).

You need to take three (3) photos;Me Front with paper

  1. Front on, holding that day’s newspaper.  The newspaper needs to be facing the camera with the date showing.


Me Front2. Front on, without the newspaper.  Relax but don’t push your stomach out!  We know when you’re cheating!



Me Side



3. Side on, without the newspaper.





How do I take my measurements?

There are six (6) measurements to take at the begining of the 12 weeks and again at the end.  Accuracy is important and you need to make sure that you take them from the same part of your body each time.

Keep the tape measure taut and level and take all your measurements in centimetres please.

  1. Bust – Measure around the nipples
  2. Belly Button – Take the measurement at the belly button, this is a landmark and regardless of any changes in your body shape or weight will never move.
  3. Hips – Find the ‘knobbly’ part at the front of your hip bone (Iliac Crest). Measure around the hips using this bony landmark for reference.
  4. Derrier – Also known as your butt!  You may need to look sideways in a mirror and measure around the roundest part of your bottom.
  5. Right Leg and Arm – It is important that you take the measure from the same place at the beginning and end of the 12 weeks.
    Right Leg – From the ‘knobbly’ part at the front of your hip bone (Iliac Crest) measure down the front of your right leg until you reach your thigh. Make a note of this measurement so you can find the spot again in 12 weeks.  Now, measure around your thigh.
  6. Right Arm – From the ‘knobbly’ part on your shoulder measure down your  right arm until you reach your upper arm (bicep). Make a note of this measurement so you can find the spot again in 12 weeks.  Now, measure around your arm.

These photos show you where to take your measurements.  The pink lines are the measurements to take and the yellow lines are the location measurements so you can repeat them in 12 weeks:

All measurements

Of course if you have other questions, then write to Sarah at sarah@advanced-humanology.com.au