Ready to find out WHY you eat what you eat?

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Ready to find out WHY you eat what you eat?

In just seven sleeps we’ll be kicking off the next 12 Week Advanced Body Challenge – Are you ready to uncover Your Best Version?

We review each challenge to discover ways that we can support you and your fitness goals better.  After three years we think that this challenge will be the best one yet because we’re going to tackle ones of the biggest questions yet!

“Why is it so hard to break unhelpful eating habits?”

Many of you ask “why is it so hard to break unhelpful eating habits?”  To answer this we will be dedicating a full week to Food Psychology to help you identify your food trigger buttons.  Now we’re not psychologists but there are some common eating patterns that we have discovered during our own health and fitness journey that we can share with you.

There are books, websites and services all dedicated to this subject and we will attempt to summarise it so that you can understand yourself and your eating patterns better.  For example while researching this topic I have discovered that my weak spot is emotional eating.  Not when I’m angry, upset or sad but when I’m BORED!!  I have always associated emotional eating with chocolate binges because I’ve had a bad day at work and that’s just not me.  If anything I lose my appetite when I’m upset but if I’m bored….. Well it’s straight to the fridge for me!

So if you’re keen to find out more about what makes you tick and learn a few tricks along the way, then now’s the time to sign up for the 12 Week Advanced Body Challenge.

It’s time to Best Yourself!



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