How to: Build a weights rack

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How to: Build a weights rack

Ok, my New Years Resolution involves something along the lines of get fit, get in shape, get healthy.  Scattered around my apartment are numerous pieces of equipment; kettle bells, medicine balls, skipping ropes and even some boxing equipment.  When 2015 rolled around most of this equipment could be found hidden behind the bedroom door – skulking.

So I decided it was high time that I got organised and rather than use that 8kilo kettle bell as a door stop I would get some sort of rack.  So I googled, eBay’d and Gumtreed but to no avail.  Everything was outside of my price bracket, plus I had a choice between a medicine ball rack OR a kettle bell rack.  I needed something more versatile.

So I decided to get crafty and I searched on Youtube for a video on how to build a weights rack.  I stumbled across this little gem. The crew at Craftsman put together this neat little video but as always I wanted something bigger and better.  So I doodled something on a piece of paper and headed to our local DIY shop and cruised the plumbing section.

Before long I had someone asking if I needed help.  Great!  “I’m building a weights rack and I’m looking for pieces that I can stick together so that it kinda looks like this.”  I wave my doodle in front of him and he backed away nervously.  Poor guy.  It’s bad enough that girls are beginning to do their own DIY but now they’re asking questions that don’t even relate to plumbing! In the end I gathered together some useful looking joint pieces and three long pieces of PVC piping and headed home.

PVC weights before and afterWhat I thought would be a fun afternoon project ended up taking all day.  It was still fun but my original sketch was so off and the measurements all needed to be reviewed and changed.  But I’m definitely happy with the results and I think it’ll do the job nicely.






Tools & Materials

  • 3 x 3m PVC piping – I used 25mm
  • 8 corner pieces
  • 12 T-bars
  • Hacksaw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker Pen
  • Somewhere to saw the pipe as it gets very messy, you’ll also need someway of bracing the pipe.  I used the back of two chairs!

Method to build the same one that I did in this picture 1. Cut the following lengths of pipe:

  • 6 x 580mm
  • 8 x 50mm
  • 4 x 100mm
  • 4 x 200mm
  • 4 x 400mm

PVC Weights Rack

2. Piece it together as per the photo, using the 50mm pieces as spacers between the corner and T-bar joint pieces.

3. At his point I have not glued or screwed it together.  I am still making sure that it’s the right size and I don’t want to add another shelf.  If you are satisfied with the rack as is then I would recommend using a couple of screws through the joint pieces into the PVC piping.





IMG_50494.  As a safety precaution I have also put a string brace between the parallel pipes on the middle and bottom shelves.  I did contemplate creating a PVC brace but that took up too much rack space.  Again the screws in step 3 should take care of this.

Good luck and let me know how you go!




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