It’s ok to not be ok

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It’s ok to not be ok

Zed has lived with us for about a year now.  It’s taken us a while to get to know his personality.  Zed is my first dog and I always assumed that they come bounding up to the door to greet you when you come home.  Not Zed.  He’s quite comfortable in his bed and will gently wag his tail as you walk past.  Acknowledgement of your safe return.

The other day, Zed stayed in his bed all day.  Normally, he’ll do the rounds every hour or so; office to check that we’re still there, next the kitchen to check his bowl (you never know) and lastly the fridge (maybe someone left it open).  Once this tour is complete he plods back to bed and goes back to sleep.

On this particular day,  Zed didn’t move.  There were no visits to the fridge, his bowl or to the office for a head scratch.  I began to get concerned when at 7pm, 30 minutes after his scheduled feeding time, he had not risen from his bed.

Zed in BedI went to check and found him still in bed cozy under his Balmain Tigers blanket.  I sat with him for a few minutes scratching his ears before going to fix his dinner.

Hearing his bowl on the floor certainly perked him up a bit but once he had inhaled it and hoovered the floor for any missing particles he slumped off back to bed and nestled in under his blanket.

Who can honestly say that they have never felt like going back to bed?  Or in my case never wanting to get out of it?  On a particularly bad Black Dog (BD) day moving from a horizontal to a vertical position requires monumental effort and I coerce myself out from under the covers with promises of an afternoon nap.

The thing is that we are blessed with the ability to communicate with those around us.  We can tell people when we’re feeling down or frustrated.  With Zed, I spent the day wondering if I should call the vet.  I started imagining the worse; a tick bite, canine flu, heart worm….  As it happens the next day he was back to normal and the hourly cleaning of the kitchen floor tiles is back on track.

This week is “R U Ok” day.  If you notice that your best friend isn’t quite their usual self then ask them.  Check in and find out if there’s anything bothering them.  They may just be having a crap day and need a beer after work or it maybe a sign of something deeper.

Similarly, if you’re feeling blue, reach out to a friend or family member.  Have a chat, grab a coffee and get things off your mind.  You may find that all you needed was a sounding board.  You may feel that you need to crawl back under the covers and start the next day afresh and that’s OK.

It’s ok not to feel ok.  We don’t have be bouncing bundles of energy all of the time.  Forget what the media is saying.  Sometimes life gets us down and it gets harder to roll with the punches.  Reach out, ask for help and remember that BD days will come and go.