Advanced Humanology is the “Science of Human Potential”.  At least that’s what you’ll get when you google the word humanology.

But what does this mean to you and me?  Quite simply, it means being the Best possible Version of You!  If you’re a mum, be the best mum you can be.  If you’re a librarian, be the best librarian you can be – I think you get the idea!

Inside each of us is the potential for something incredible.  You’ve just got to find a way to unleash it.

So that’s why we’ve launched the Advanced Body Challenge.  The first step to being incredible is tapping into your health.  We can all benefit from being a bit fitter, having more energy and better sleep.

This is what lies at the very core of the challenge and everything we do at Advanced Humanology.  It’s normal people like you and me and chipping away the old, bad habits and learning new healthy ones.