"Advanced Humanology: Unleash Your Potential and Best Yourself!"


Advanced Humanology is the “Science of Human Potential”. At least that’s what you’ll get when you google the word humanology.

But what does this mean to you and me? Quite simply, it means being the Best possible Version of You! If you’re a mum, be the best mum you can be. If you’re a librarian, be the best librarian you can be – I think you get the idea!

Inside each of us is the potential for something incredible. You’ve just got to find a way to unleash it.

Advanced Body Challenge

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Click on the FAQ tab on the menu bar to find out more about the 12 Week Advanced Body Challenge (12WABC).

At its core the challenge is a fitness and body transformation competition. It’s also a non-profit event that raises money for charity and challengers have a chance to win a cash prize.

The competition is open to anyone of any age from anywhere in the world! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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How to: Build a weights rack

Scattered around my apartment are numerous pieces of equipment; kettle bells, medicine balls, skipping ropes and even some boxing equipment. When 2015 rolled around most of this equipment could be found hidden behind the bedroom door – skulking. It was high time that I got organised and rather than use that 8kilo kettle bell as a door stop I would get some sort of rack…. or make one!

No More Turkey Soup!

When I was about 13 there was a huge upheaval in our family. I announced to the family that I hated soup. I’m still not a huge fan but with experimentation I have narrowed down my loathing of this wet, sloppy excuse for a meal to ones that have “floaty bits” in them. If I can see the bottom of the bowl (Miso), or it looks like someone has sneezed in it (chicken and corn) then keep it away or bring a bucket!

Ready to find out WHY you eat what you eat?

Many of you ask “why is it so hard to break old eating habits?” To answer this we will be dedicating a full week to Food Psychology to help you identify your food trigger buttons. Now we’re not psychologists but there are some common eating patterns that we have discovered during our own health and fitness journey that we can share with you.

We Have a Winner!

Choosing a winner is never easy. This challenge was no different. There were a number of...

Leave It Zed!

When you go to puppy training there’s one command that everyone learns in their...